Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network
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Organizational Structure

EDAN is managed as a decentralized operation from Nairobi, Kenya under the auspices of the All Africa Conference of Churches(AACC). At the International level, EDAN remains a Programme of the World Council of Churches and is guided by the World Council of Churches constitution and general regulations as are in force from time to time. Operating with the guidance of WCC structures and governing organs, the Programme Executive Secretary works with an International Reference Group that assists in policy direction and envisioning of the work. The programme retains its international operation through Volunteer Coordinators in all the eight Regions of WCC. These Regions are Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. Each Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the Regional Conference of Churches in their respective regions and their work is to initiate networks that operate at local and regional levels. The networks endeavors to reach out to the churches and to build relations that lead to the achievement of EDAN and WCC objectives.

At the Regional level, EDAN reports to the AACC General Secretary through the established structures and in accordance with the practice and regulations of AACC. The Programme works closely with Peace, Healing and Reconciliation Programme of AACC but also endeavors to have disability concerns integrated in all other programmes at the Conference.

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