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Case study 1-Understanding disability and theology of inclusion

Case study 1

 I am rejected by my family because of my visual impairment. My family thinks that I am a source of trouble and a bad luck. I am not treated equally to my brothers and sisters who are able to see; they are in school and some are at university, but I was not given a chance by my family to rehabilitate in school or church after my accident. Yet, I feel more blessed than my brothers and sisters at home in the sense that I am not sick as they are often and when I need something there is always a way to get help from people outside . So, I thank God for this opportunity he has given me to talk with others and share our difficulties. (True Story)


1.       How does society understand disability?

2.       How do people with disabilities understand their disability?

3.       What is your meaning of theology of inclusion in this case study

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