Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network

Introducing Disability Discourse in Churches

The programmes goal is distribution and encouraging the study, reflection and feedback on the document “A Church of All and for All” . Currently this is the WCC policy on disability. It is information and awareness raising as well as an advocacy document aimed at the church and theologians as the key audience.

The document was produced in the four WCC languages i.e. English, French, Spanish and German but has since then been translated into a number of other languages such as Portuguese, Swedish and is in the process of being translated into Arabic. It elaborates on six fundamental theological principles towards a truly inclusive church from the point of view of persons with disabilities. The six are Commonalities and differences, hermeneutics, imago dei, healing, giftedness and, a church of all and for all.

Through this programme EDAN works with the church and Christian communities within and outside WCC family to interact further with the six theological principles.

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