EDAN Organizational Structure

The structure of EDAN establishes a number of  hierarchical positions for the optimization of human resource personnel and takes into consideration the human resource capacities required for achievement of the organization’ strategic goals. EDAN reports to WCC through Unity, Mission and Ecumenical Relations.  It has a programme executive secretary who is assisted at the international level by an International Reference group and eight volunteer Regional representatives drawn from each of the eight regions under which WCC work is implemented namely; Europe, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Middle East; Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Reference Group

This is the core advisory organ of EDAN which assists the executive secretary in working out strategies of taking further the WCC and EDAN vision on disability and bringing in new insights through the network contributions. It assists in envisioning the work, setting the organizational direction, monitoring and advancing the work of persons with disabilities within WCC.

National Board

It comprises of a minimum of eight members, half of whom are persons with disabilities. The Executive Board reports through the executive Secretary to the relevant department and organs of the WCC. It also provides governance and executive functions.

Program Executive Secretary

The programme executive secretary discharges the leadership and management functions to EDAN and advises the WCC governing and advisory bodies through the WCC general secretary on policies and practices of inclusivity ensuring that all aspects of WCC’s life and work become sensitive to the participation of people with disabilities and to their special needs. The program executive secretary works with an international reference group that assists in policy direction and envisioning of the work.

Regional Coordinators

The regional coordinators work on volunteer capacity in EDAN. They initiate and strengthen networks that operate at local and regional levels. RCs enhance synergy in pushing the EDAN/WCC disability agenda in their specific jurisdiction as needs dictate and as opportunities arise.  They work closely with the regional conference of churches in their respective regions and initiate EDAN activities in the region in accordance with the priorities of their particular region. RCs also implement activities initiated by EDAN secretariat and which are of international nature. 

EDAN Secretariat Staff

This team comprises of professional staff employed or seconded to EDAN as well as interns. Their roles are to implement the different programs and projects towards achievement of EDAN’s Strategic Objectives and ensuring accountability for resources and results to the stakeholders.

Ms. Anjeline Okola Charles, Programme Executive

Ms. Esther Mwai, Finance and Administration

Ms. Syovata Kilonzo

Mr. Daniel Kigen

EDAN Organogram

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