Social Inclusion

EDAN is committed to advocating for the inclusion, participation and active involvement of persons with disabilities in all aspects of the church and society’s life. EDAN seeks to work with churches, national and regional ecumenical organizations and development agents in mainstreaming disability concerns in emerging issues of social concern such as women and young people’s issues , peace and conflict and climate change among others. It is strongly involved in the Post 2015-MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) process to ensure the inclusion of issues on disabilities. EDAN uses networking as both a strategy to achieve EDAN’s objectives as well as a programmatic approach to accomplishments.

EDAN networks internally within WCC and externally with other agents involved in similar work. It promotes fellowships with all its network members and persons with disabilities in order to promote learning through information sharing.

In its effort to share best practices and showcase success stories of work with persons with disabilities, EDAN strives to make impact in churches and society at large through documentation and dissemination of a regular newsletter which promotes fellowship, awareness raising, and advocacy.

In order to promote internal efficiency and effectiveness, EDAN undertakes to strengthen its governance systems as well as carry out interventions towards development of its human resource which includes its volunteer regional coordinators and the management team. It coordinates capacity building sessions for awareness raising and sharpening of advocacy skills for other people it works with in building and strengthening regional and local networks.

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