Roof Replacement

6 Signs Your Roof Demands A Replacement

When you are dealing with the roof above you, don’t leave any things to chance

A solid roofing structure will keep you and all the residents in your home nice and safe. Hence, ruined shingles or developing moss spots are enough to raise concern upon first glance. However, before you lose your temper and start contacting San Diego roofing experts at the last minute to fix the problem, do a little research to find out what is triggering the issue in the first place.
A couple of damaged or worn-out shingles don’t always call for an entire roof replacement but there are some other major indicators that call for an entire roof replacement indeed. If you do proceed with a full replacement, it will cost you anywhere from $8-12K

So here are some indicators that it’s time to contact a San Diego roofing expert to get a new roof:

1. Your Roof is Aged and Outworn

The vast majority of roods last anywhere from 20-25 years. Thus, if your roof has gone past that period, you better contact a local and reliable roofer to receive a quote. If the damage is minor, you’ll only need to switch a few shingles. Otherwise, you may have to fully replace it.

The process of “overlaying” refers to the application of a new level of shingles over the existing one. It generally costs 25% less than a full new roof and refreshes the look of your home, but it’s generally better to detach your existing roof and install a brand new one. Adding a totally new roof will allow you to spot any underlying issues under the shingles and has an increased life duration compared to overlaying.

2. Your roof shingles are bent, popping out, or completely lost.

Check the corners of your house exposed to natural light. If you see that the shingles are bent or rolling out, this is an indicator that they have gone over their lifespan. In case most shingles are lost or look deteriorated, it’s a sign that you need a full roof replacement. But if the damage is only limited to a few small spots, a simple switch of the damaged shingles would be ideal.

It is also needed to inspect your valleys where all the roof’s angles connect. As an essential component of your roof, they direct water circulation through the gutters. However, valleys are also susceptible to deterioration over time. If the shingles are damaged or lost, your roof is prone to water leakage.
Other areas to check include the downpipes and the gutters. If they seem loaded with shingle components, that’s a clear indicator that they are damaged.

3. Your Roof has slumping or falling areas

Slumping or falling patches are a tell-tale sign that your roof’s decking layer is deteriorated from humidity levels and needs to be replaced. If the ground of your roof is safe enough to step over it, how does the structure feel? If you feel that it’s porous or has a bit of a bounce to it (as if you were stepping on a trampoline), walk out immediately.

4. Your Chimney Flash Level Is Deteriorating

Flashing is a roofing element that adds a waterproof layer around the chimney area. It is typically steel or aluminum and has a lifespan of up to 30 years. However, if this forms any rust or holes and shatters, water can quickly get into your chimney and house. A local San Diego roof contractor can inspect the flashing condition and let you know if it requires some fixing work or not.

5. You Can Spot The Sunlight Coming Through

The condition of your attic is a certain space that you should check for roof damage. Sunlight should not come through and be seen through the roof decks. If it does, this is a major cause of concern. While you are inspecting your attic, look out for any signs of humidity as well. Water spots on the roof decks or humidity in the insulation are all pointing to a leakage problem.

6. Your Roof Is Becoming A Greenhouse

Plants growing over your roof aren’t necessarily a sign that it has to be switched, however, it needs to be cleared well. Vegetation may lead to deterioration of roofing components and allow other pesky intruders e.g. insects or mice to get up there as well. You may clear your roof using a ladder or some commercial cleaning substance, a broom, and a water hose or contact a roof cleaning company in your area.

What To Do If You Require New Roofing

If you checked out the previous list of signs and everything indicates that you have to get a new roof, contact a local roofing provider to inspect your current roof’s condition and suggest a partial fix or entire replacement. It is also best to ask for three estimates before you employ a roofing expert to do the job.