Roofing Options

Cedar Shake Roofing Alternative Options

Cedar shake roofs were a common choice back in the 70s and 80s, something that implies there are many roofs out there that have to be replaced. Cedarwood though is decreasing in popularity due to the high degree of maintenance it needs to appear in a great condition. To prevent any rotting or torn spots and make it more fireproof, a chemical should be used to the roof layers. If you are fed up with your cedar roof and ready for a renovation, a San Diego expert roofer will be able to give you some alternative options.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has a high life duration of 50+years, making it a solid investment for your house. However, choosing metal roofing comes with other perks as well. It is available in several styles and colors to supplement your house’s appeal. Metal is a quite strong and durable material and will keep its looks for several decades. It also requires minimal maintenance, is hard to penetrate, and is highly resistant to heavy weather elements e.g. rain or wind. It helps deflect the harmful sun rays away from your house which can help control high heat during the hot summer months. Metal roofing is also becoming more popular with homeowners as it is often considered “the last roof you’ll get”.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt Roofing is a commonly used roofing material applied in 70% of home roofs across the nation. The shingles are quite flexible and are available in several shapes, shades, and styles to choose from. It is also a very cost and energy-saving textile. The application of asphalt roofing is also fairly easy and quick. The non-fussy application, compared to other roofing options, is also a factor that explains its low cost. Examine the perks of asphalt roofing when re-roofing your house.

Slate Composite Roofing

Slate roofs are lightweight but their application procedure is a bit hard. Application from a seasoned San Diego professional is also needed to prevent any cracks. While slate roofing is costly, depending on the selected manufacturer, it’s a highly durable roofing option, made to deflect UV rays and storm strikes. Some slate roof applications are also sustainable (based on their mining and production procedures). Slate composite roofing gives off a special and elegant look, while still offering all the perks you want to have in a roof.

Metal Roofing Types & Their General Perks

San Diego Metal Roofing

Let’s examine the several kinds of metal roofs currently available on the market so you can find the proper material and application to match your requirements.

A properly maintained roof can last up to three decades. But, the exact lifespan of your roof varied according to several variables such as your local weather settings and kinds of roofing.

Keep in mind that your roof is in the first level of defense against heavy weather strikes. Thus, you should take all the necessary measures to maintain your roof when going for different roofing structures.

Metal roofs are considered to be a solid and up-to-date choice when it comes to lasting roofing.

However, most people are unaware of the specifications of different metal roof types and so choosing between these is hard. Thus, before you take any roofing decision that will impact your San Diego home in the long run, here is what you should know about the various kinds of metal roofing.

Metal Roofs: 5 Main Types

“Metal roofing” is a broad term that applies to various metal materials. Nowadays more and more homeowners are choosing metal roofs because of their sustainability, cost-efficiency, and durability.

If you are thinking about getting a metal roof installed by a San Diego roofing company, here are the various metal roof types you can choose from:

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofs are a solid roofing option for many homeowners. This is since aluminum is practical in its metal and standing seam version, during a roofing installation.
Aluminum metal roofing is suitable for both corporate and home roofing purposes due to the wide range of design options it comes with.


One of the key pros of choosing an aluminum roof is certainly the durability factor. If properly maintained, an aluminum roof will be functional for up to 30 years, making your choice worthwhile.

If you are searching for a roofing material that won’t rust much through the years, aluminum is a great choice especially if you live in a coastal area. Aluminum offers significant protection against corrosion which is higher compared to other metal materials.

Average Cost

A considerable drawback of aluminum roofing is its total cost.
Aluminum shingles, on average, cost between $15.500-28.000 in total to install. The pricing is broken down to around $3.15/ft2. The price is higher compared to other metal roofing types.

If you wish to save on labor costs during the next stage of your roofing project, you should follow our tips and advice and find the most trusty yet reasonably-priced contractor for your project.

Copper Roofing

Thus far, copper roofing is the oldest metal roofing material.
Copper is a highly durable metal that can be easily installed even in harsh climates. In regular climates, copper is proven to last well and make it up to 30 years.


The majority of classic home styles have copper roofing, mostly because of its longevity.
As a roofing material copper is highly resistant to damage as a result of hail storms or other extreme weather settings. This is because copper has a solid surface which makes it less prone to corrosion and damage.

Another perk of copper is that even when it has deteriorated, it only leaves a puncture behind as opposed to a bend or scratch on the exterior.

Average Cost

Copper shingles, similar to aluminum roofing, are quite pricey compared to other roofing types. The application of copper shingles typically costs anywhere from $23k-48K, which is above the price of other options


As specified earlier, this is the priciest roofing choice in the industry and since not everyone can afford them, they often choose more affordable alternatives.

Copper as a material tends to expand and shrink in extreme climate conditions and this may be a problem in areas frequently exposed to humidity. Nonetheless, it is a solid and secure choice given the right maintenance and under normal or mild weather settings.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc Roofing is a common roofing choice for many homeowners.
One of the most important characteristics of the metal is that it can repair itself without any extra maintenance.


The greatest perk of zinc is that it’s flexible and you can shape and mold it into different forms and textures when structuring your roof.

Another important perk is that it can repair itself and thus lead to huge time and cost savings that would be otherwise spent on fixing work. Most homeowners choose zinc roofs because of the cost-efficiency and durability.

It is also highly resistant to corrosion, which implies that it will have a longer lifespan, even when exposed to rust.

With the proper maintenance, zinc roofing can heal itself from deterioration after some time. This means less costly and frequent maintenance work. Plus, it is eco-friendly too.

But, it’s quite expensive and thus not suitable for home roofing purposes.

Average Cost

Typically, you will spare anywhere from $10-$20/foot when installing a zinc roof. That is much cheaper compared to pricey copper. The total cost of setting up a zinc roof is between $1000-2000.

Due to the fact that zinc has a minimal melting point compared to other metals, there are minimal limitations involved in ist manufacturing. This also makes zinc roofing directly available.


Zinc is classified as a soft metal and thus it’s a bit more susceptible to damages. The risk of damage is especially amplified when the roof is exposed to heavy weather elements.

Any homeowners that are searching for pre-weather roofing choices, may have to consult a San Diego roofing expert first to find out if zinc roofing will be functional in their region.

Steel Roofing

Steel is an ideal combination of metal and other materials that yields an alloy that is widely used in the commercial industry. Over the years, even home residences have adopted the consent of steel roofing. The majority of steel used in the real estate fields nowadays is constructed from iron, recycled elements, and other materials.

Steel Roofing Types

When it comes to steel roofing, there are 3 available options to choose from, based on your requirements.

The initial is galvanized steel choice. This kind of steel roofing material features a level of zinc over the steel layer to mitigate the likelihood of corrosion.

Another option is the one known as “galvalume steel”. This alternative utilizes a combo of zinc and aluminum to support the degree of corrosion resistance.

The third type of steel roofing is “weathering steel”. This involves the use of heavy metals during fabrication and is used in heavy public constructions such as bridges and tall buildings.

The above three types of steel material can be used for both commercial and home roofing purposes. Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed some significant advances in the manner contractors use steel for roofing projects.

Steel is one of the toughest metals, making it a solid choice that offers protection from harsh environmental settings.

If you are looking for a steel roofing contractor, we can connect you with reputable roofing experts within your local reach.


Steel is one of the most eco-friendly roofing choices available out there.
A big advantage of steel roofing is that it’s more affordable compared to other metals. This makes it more easily available too.

It also offers some degree of flexibility. Designers and constructors like it because it can be manipulated to form different designs and textures.

Steel roofing is an ideal option in regions exposed frequently to heavy winds and hail, due to its solid and strong build.

Average Cost

The majority of steel metal roofing choices are available at a lower cost compared to metal roofing materials. On average, steel is priced at $3/square foot.

Tin Roofs

While this roofing option is uncommon and not readily available, it has future potential. Tin is metal with similar attributes to zinc and copper. Its use is a result of DIY experimentation among curious homeowners in rural U.S regions.

It’s still a good choice for San Diego homeowners that want their roof to leave a lasting impression. It works as a statement piece, due to its scarcity and only a few have the privilege of using tin in their roofs.